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Heavy Duty Composite Idlers

Heavy duty composite idlers is designed for medium and heavy duty belt conveying applications.
Heavy Duty Composite Idlers features with modified ultra high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMWPE) roller tube.a reinforcing steel tube is fitted inside the UHMWPE roller tube,ensures adequate mechanical strength for heavy duty loads.
Advantages:anti-build up,corrosion resistant,exra low noise,easy mounting,lower maintenance,lower power consumption.
  • Φ76-Φ219 and customized




Heavy Duty Composite Idlers features with modified ultra high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMWPE) roller tube,while,a reinforcing steel tube is fitted inside the UHMWPE roller tube,ensures adequate mechanical strength for heavy duty loads.Heavy duty composite idlers is suitable in medium and heavy duty belt conveying applications.

with precise machining, it can significantly lower the TIR rate to 0.1mm or even less, dynamically balance to ISO1940-G16, lower the noise produced by vibration.

CONVEYOR UHMWPE ROLLERHeavy duty composite idlers have a wide range of Advantages:

● Belt Friendly

Highly wear resistance, 5-7 times stronger

          than steel roller;Self-lubricating, don't absorb water.

      ● Light Weight

          Easy to carry;Less power consumption, smaller motor required.

      ● Excellent T.I.R

          T.I.R ≤ 0.1mm.

      ● Anit-Buildup

          No belt mis-tracking,less down time.

      ● Significantly improve the life of bearing

      ●  Patented Water & Dust Proof Sealing System

      ●  Anti Corrosive & No Rust

Heavy Duty Composite Idlers Standard: CEMA / JIS / DIN / ISO

Roller Dia Φ76 Φ89 Φ102 Φ108
Φ114 Φ127 Φ133 Φ139.5
Φ152 Φ159 Φ165 Φ178
Φ191 Φ194 Φ219
Shaft Dia
Φ20 Φ25 Φ30 Φ35
Φ40 Φ45 Φ50

Related Applications

Heavy duty composite idlers can be used in coal mining,iron ore mining,gold mining,coal process plants,coal fired power stations,lignite,cement plant,quarries,gravel plants,concrete,tunnelling,iron,power plants,chemistry,coal washing,recycling,crushing,screening,ports,import and export terminals,fertilizer plants,salt and sugar plants etc. Heavy duty composite idlers have outstanding advantages in the dusty,humid,corrosive,low temperature, and need to reducing belt conveying noise environment.


HDPE roller used in cement plant


HDPE roller used in quarries

POWER 580-425

HDPE roller used in power plant


HDPE roller used in port


HDPE roller used in tunnels


HDPE roller used in underground mining


HDPE roller used in coal mining


HDPE Roller used in low temperature

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