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Motorized Brush Belt Cleaner


1、The motorized brush belt cleaner is composed of motor, reducer, rolling brush, coupling, bearing

seat and adjusting frame. The rolling brush is driven by a motor, and the brush tip is in slight contact

with the belt surface. The rotating direction of the brush is opposite to the running direction of the

return conveyor belt, so as to brush down the adhesive material stuck on the belt surface, especially

on the pattern.

2、Suitable for the conveyance of all kinds of materials, such as coal, coke, sinter, salt, iron ore and

fertilizer, and widely applied in thermal power plants, iron and steel plants, cement plants, fertilizer

plants, coking plants, coal cleaning plants, coal mines, petrochemical plants, mining, paper mills,

chemical plants, terminal transfer stations and other industries.

3、Technical sheet

Motorized brush belt cleaner 4

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