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LafargeHolcim Cement - Low Noise Roller

larfage cement low noise roller

The 5.5km long belt conveyor system is near Dujiangyan, owned by LafargeHolcim Cement.

LafargeHolcim Cement, at the time, were suffered by the loud noise produced by the conveyor system, caused tension between the company and the residents. The national standard for conveyor noise around residents is must less than 54dB, but even with hooded cover, the noise level is still very high. They came to us because we have the best low noise roller in the market,  hope to lower the noise from the source. And they are more than satisfied with the result, the noise was lowered by 20dB. Which made them more happy is the excellent performance of the roller, no belt wear and tear, no grease leaking, no material build ups. The roller was installed in November 2017.

Conveyor Length: 5.5 km

Capacity:                 1,800 tph

Belt Width:         1200 mm

Belt Speed:         3.8 m/s

Material Conveyed: Limestone

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