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  • UHMWPE Pipe Applications

    Power Systems:

    Fire power plant fly ash emissions, chemical water circulation system, sulfur removal system.

    Coal industry:

    Coal, coal slurry transport, mine air supply, exhaust, drainage system.

    Chemical Industry:

    Strong acid, alkali and other high corrosive media delivery, salt chemical brine, salt pulp, salt transport.

    Oil exploitation:

    Crude oil transportation, natural gas gathering and transportation, sewage recharge.

    Metallurgical industry:

    Coke powder, slag, pulp and smelting residue.

    Mine Industry:

    Slurry pipeline, coal mine high pressure water supply, gas pipeline.

    Dredging works:

    Rivers, lakes, ports, docks and other dredging works to transport sediment.

    Ocean works: seawater desalination in the transport of water, fresh water.

    Municipal works: sewage treatment, domestic water supply and gas transportation.

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