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  • CR Cement Project - 48km Double Parallel Line Conveyor System

    The China Resources cement project is a 48km double parallel line conveyor system, designed by RBLREI France. The conveyor system was first equiped with traditional steel roller, which over some times cause many problems like loud noise, premature wear and failure of the steel roller, tear of belt. CR Cement came to us hope to find a replacement will solve those problems in the years of 2013. We suggested our low noise UHMW-PE roller, after some tests, they are very happy with the results. The last time we went to do the follow-up visit was in October, 2018, our rollers is running very smoothly after 5 years. Now, CR Cement are planning to build an extended line to connect the current conveyor system. We were asked to working with the world top long distance belt conveyor designer - RBLREI France.

  • Southwest Cement Project - Low Noise Roller

    The 9.7km long belt conveyor system is owned by China National Building Material Group Co.,ltd. The original steel rollers were replaced by our UHMWPE rollers in the year of 2015, to slove the problem of loud noise.The noise level from 1 meter away is down to 55dB, before was 79dB.

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